Cabin Fever and How to Make it Go Away




Have you been counting how many days it has been since the Enhanced Community Quarantine started? Can’t wait for it to end because you’ve been feeling a little uneasy not being able to go outside? Does isolation make you feel anxious? What you might be having is a “Cabin Fever” or what they simply describe as the discomfort an individual feels from being isolated. As we were told, this quarantine is only going to last until the second week of April, but even for me, two weeks of isolation is already dreadful. To make things bearable and to make sure my mental health is intact, I make sure I do the following every day to keep the cabin fever away:

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Maintain a Daily Routine
You should not have to change so much of what usually happens to your day since even if you have to work from home now. You can try to act as if you’re still going to that meeting somewhere or to your office by getting up at the same time and dressing up for that strut to the kitchen like it’s your office’s pantry.





Set Goals
Before you sleep, try to write down your goals for the next day so you won’t forget them. This way, you will be guided all throughout the day on what you have to do. Having finished your goals will also give you a sense of accomplishment.


Do Some Cleaning
Now is actually the best time to do some cleaning. Besides the need for disinfecting, you have so much time with you to clean your surroundings and make sure it’s a conducive place to work at. You can also rearrange some furniture or paint the wall a different color if you like.


Stay Active
Make sure you stay active, physically and mentally, not only to boost your immunity; but also to keep your mind off of some worries. If you’ve blamed the traffic taking too much of your time to workout, you have no other excuse not to do that now. You can find different workouts to follow on youtube, instagram, and facebook! Give yourself an hour or so to stretch those muscles and work them. To exercise that mind, read a book or browse through different topics online for at least 15 minutes. Remember, your brain is also a muscle.

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Connect with a Distance
Social distancing does not mean you should cut off some people. Although if they’re not at all good for your mental health, you should reconsider. Many have turned to some Facebook groups in order for them to cope. Much like in real life, there are groups online that can give you the amount of support you need. All you have to do is find the right group who share the same interests as you. Engage yourself in healthy discussions. If you’re too shy to do this, maybe you can reconnect with some of your friends or family. Ask them how they are and share in what you have been doing. You might learn a new recipe or hobby from them.


Accept the Discomfort
Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s actually the fifth stage of grief. Acceptance can also be a good coping mechanism. When you accept what you are feeling and address it, you will have a better understanding of what is happening and that will eventually let you appreciate what you have and make use of it until things get back to normal.

It is normal to feel worried when you are not in control of the situation and isolation brings about so much of this especially when it’s not even your choice to be stuck. To guide oneself in surviving this cabin fever or any anxiety, Professor John Allen Paulos did say, “uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”

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