How Sanitize and Disinfect Your Grocery Items


There’s a video circulating online that’s gong viral for a very good reason: it’s straightforward and informative. Dr. VanWingen of Michigan uploaded his video titled “PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic UPDATED!!!” last March 24 and as of this writing, has reached 20 million views!

It’s been two weeks since Metro Manila went under quarantine, and most households must have consumed stocks from the pantry and refrigerator. If you are going to the grocery this week, these tips from Dr. VanWingen will be helpful:

Tips for Grocery Shopping:
– Wipe down your cart
– Commit to what you are buying
– Don’t shop if you have symptoms
– Plan what you will buy for 2 weeks

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Here are some Corona Virus information he shared:
– it can live in the air for 3 hours
– it can live in cardboards for 1 day
– it can live in metals and plastic for 3 days
– it can live in frozen environment for 2 years

When you get home:
– try to leave groceries for 3 days, if possible
– get rid of external packaging, eg remove cereal boxes
– move items like bread to alternative storage containers
– spray down thick packaging, eg milk cartons
– spray and wipe chips
– for fruits, treat it as if you’re washing your hands– with soap and water for 20 seconds

For food take out and deliveries:
– hold wrapper and keep food free of contact
– microwave or heat food whenever possible

Here’s the full video for your reference:

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