A Guide to Living Under Metro Manila Community Quarantine


    A Guide to Living Under Metro Manila Community Quarantine

    It’s all over traditional and social media: the president has put Metro Manila under Community Quarantine wherein suspension of land, domestic air and sea travel to and from Metro Manila from March 15 to April 14, subject to daily review by the task force, will be imposed among other measures to contain the spread of coronavirus. (source)

    The president and other government officials cannot stress this enough: DO. NOT. PANIC. In this day and age, it is possible to really just stay at home and still avail of an average Filipino’s basic needs.


    We have listed down some of the shops and services you can utilize. Before we start on the list, here’s a disclaimer:

    – Internet/ mobile data required
    – Mobile app download required in some of the services
    – Not all services offer cash on delivery options, debit/credit card may be required
    – Delivery fees may apply
    – Some links below may be affiliated and Manila On Sale earns referral fees
    – Practice social distancing when receiving goods from the rider/delivery person
    – Sanitize every after interaction with rider/delivery person

    UPDATED AS OF MARCH 14 2020, 8AM

    Work from Home Essentials

    Bless your compassionate employer for encouraging you and your colleagues to work from home. Make sure you have stable internet connection and your communication tools/software are updated.

    Sharing some hacks I personally practice:
    – Put a tall glass of water beside you. Drink often, refill often, pee often. That’ll serve as your standing and resting time.
    – Set your weekly calendar according to tasks/accounts/clients that you will work on specific times of the day. I personally include chores and meal breaks.
    – If you’re a tita like me, diffuse peppermint essential oil to boost your mood.

    Online Shops

    Quarantine or no quarantine, most of you have shopped online! From beauty supply to diapers, you can get them by just a few taps on your smartphones.



    If you can’t cook food to save your life, food delivery services will be your friend! You may also want to check with your neighborhood carinderia if they will be offering delivery services.



    Fastfood Delivery

    Photo courtesy of https://ph.phonebooky.com/

    Simple Roots

    Mr Delicious

    Online Food Deliveries List by Nicole Guillermo

    Laundry Services

    Most laundry shops offer free pick up and delivery services. Check your neighborhood Metropole or Lavandera Ko if they will continue offering such service.

    You may also check this app that I personally use: Swosh!


    While we badly miss honestbee for our grocery needs, thankfully there are still grocery shopping services we can consider.




    Pacific Bay

    Tenderbites: 0917-5805453, 0917-5817454 tenderbites.ph free delivery

    Limon Farms (organic chicken/eggs/pork): 0915-6238205, 0927-5280236
    small delivery fee

    Session Groceries App has delivery fee dependent on quantity ordered

    Bukid Fresh: 0927-8185794 or bukidfresh.ph/shop
    Php 150 delivery free, package free, they deliver in a bayong

    Farmer’s Market Delivery: 0918-4613075 Viber
    Php 200 delivery fee

    Rare Food Shop


    Antwe Crafted Meats

    The Murang Gulay Shop

    Garcia’s Buthcer Shop

    Deli PH

    Karton PH

    Wild Caught PH

    Monterey Meat Shop


    You can still stay fit and continue with your Balik Alindog Program by working out at home. Youtube has massive content of workout videos from Pilates, to yoga, to indoor cycling(you need a stationary bike), Bikini Body Guide, circuit, etc!


    Zwift (for indoor cycling and running)

    Downdog Yoga App


    Alam niyo na ‘to guys.




    Pet Needs

    Your pets have needs, too, right? From pet food to pet grooming, you can check these:

    Pet Express Online

    Grooming Express Home Service

    Wizard of Paws

    Pet Warehouse

    Health and Wellness

    Did you know that you can have your blood extracted for lab tests without leaving your home? And if you’re craving for some massage and pamper time, there are also spas that offer home services.

    AIDE App

    Hi Precision Diagnostic Home Services


    Apple Tree Home Mani Pedi

    Serenity Aromatherapy


    Apple Clinic

    Boozy PH

    Party Pals PH

    Kapit lang guys, we can survive this!

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    All photos and text courtesy of the brand’s social media pages unless stated otherwise.

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