Voucher Codes You Did Not Know You Needed


    I live for promo codes. Imagine getting amazing discounts from purchases just by entering a few strings of alphanumeric characters or just by clicking your friend’s link on his/her social media post! I have no shame in sharing my referral links because to me, not only am I able to earn rewards but also I’m able to share the same amount of reward to everyone who’s clicked my link. And truth be told, the companies in this list provide amazing service/product that are still worth it even without a discount.

    Check out the Voucher Codes You Did Not Know You Needed:


    I have previously written about honestbee a couple of times before(here and here) and as of this writing, 233 online friends have signed up and each of them enjoyed Php500 discount off their first grocery/food delivery!

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    Click this link to order your first S&R Pizza delivery or this week’s grocery!


    #travegoals? You need to have an Airbnb account! This company lets you book a bed, a room, a whole apartment, or even a villa with swimming pool and Jacuzzi! With a wide range of accommodation options, really, there’s something that will fit everyone’s budget.

    Click this link to book a place for your next vacation. Enjoy Php1100 discount!

    Guava Pass

    This one is personally new to me. This year my weight has reached a scary all time high and one day I just decided I want to get back into shape. Though the road is free for all to run in, I realized that I needed a subscription type of workout to motivate me in getting my butt off the couch. Guava Pass aggregated different gyms and studios that offer ALL TYPES OF WORKOUTS¬¬—yoga, cross fit, barre, spinning, pilates, boxing, HIIT, body combat, etc. This month alone I was able to work out four times a week!

    Download the app here and let’s burn all those Noche Buena fats! June na uy!


    Am I right to say that everyone loves to eat? Eat out as much as you can without breaking your budget! Reserve a table via the Eatigo app and enjoy your favorite food as much as 50% off! My personal favorite: Yumi in Greenhills, San Juan that lets me enjoy a bowl of Gyudon for Php150!

    Download the Eatigo app here and starting saving without starving!

    Sign up today in all those services because I know, one way or another you’ll be using them soon! While we’re at it please follow me on my instagram to follow my cheapy cheapy journey!


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