9 Ice Cream Treats to Beat the Heat


Summer is really here. Aside from the long drives to the beach/resort, the insane heat just reminds us that it’s truly the season when the sun is more than ready to shine above us unceasingly.

Imagine that, we’re reaching 37 degrees on a daily basis; even just taking a walk for a short distance could already work us up a sweat! While there’s not much we can do to halt the progression of global warming, we can, however, do something to cool down as we go about our everyday life. One of those ways is plain and sweet (literally): eating ice cream!

Ice Cream is everyone’s best friend on a hot summer day. It’s a delicious treat that beats the heat and, fortunately, it costs less than turning the air conditioner on the whole day. We listed down nine ice creams of different kinds that you might want to try this summer. Check them out:

1. Dirty Ice Cream

Price Range: PHP 10 – 25
Dirty Ice Cream or Street Ice Cream is a Filipino classic. It’s not necessarily dirty; it’s just made from scratch, flavored to classic favorites (chocolate, cheese, and mango), and served in a cone, cup, or even bread to be pushed in a cart along the street! You’re not a true Filipino if you haven’t tried this one!

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Must-Try: Baguio Strawberry Ice Cream


Cold to Colder… 🍦 #baguiostrawberryicecream #tugnawkaayo

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2. Commercialized Ice Cream

When your time and location doesn’t allow you to roam the streets, ice cream is readily available in convenient stores/supermarket. The ice cream section is every kid’s favorite corner and it might as well be your own. In just one place, you get to choose from various kinds of ice cream at an affordable price.

Must-Try: Selecta Halo-Halo Ube Halaya, Carte D’or Double Dark Chocolate, Cookies and Cream Korean Ice Cream Sandwich


3. Elait

It’s a big plus for customers to know that a company is doing a great job in sustaining their CSR. It’s an even bigger plus when that company offers good products– Elait is a great example of this one. Elait is driven to give job opportunities to deaf and mute people. In return, they are taught to create the most visually-appealing, the creamiest, and the best-rolled ice cream in town!

Located at: Mall of Asia, Century City Mall, Ayala Malls the 30th


Looks like rolled ice cream is another upcoming trend! Denise A. (@thefoodinista) on the #loolooapp tried this newly-opened rolled ice cream stall in Century City Mall called Elait! Denise writes: – “One thing that really caught my attention when I visited the store would be their basic sign languages poster plastered in front of the cashier. They have servers who are deaf and mute and I like that they are very inclusive of this community. It's not everyday that one gets to express gratittude and communicate using sign languages. I find it humbling and fun as well! – I ordered their STRAWBERRY TRIFLE during my first visit. It's made of strawberries + cream cheese + almonds + lady fingers and yogurt. looking for something not too sweet during that day and this one's a good pick! Yum!”

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4. Kiss the Tiramisu

Korea is a big fad nowadays and rightfully so because they never fail to impress us– be it with fashion, entertainment, and even with food. Just last year, a famous Korean Ice Cream brand was franchised here in the Philippines and delivered one of the best Tiramisu ice cream in the Philippines. It’s oh-so-creamy in itself, but they added mascarpone cheese to make it even more delectable. I assure you: this is worth your money!

Located at: GF Three Central, Valero, Salcedo, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila
Pro-Tip: You can actually take home their disposable goblet! Good for 2-3 uses.


5. Bucky’s

Eating something so nostalgic takes the food experience on a whole new level. The concept of Bucky’s was derived from all the food we loved eating growing up– cookies, brownies, and, of course, ice cream. The ambiance of the place is very relaxing and, as you eat their signature Bucky’s ice cream, it’ll feel like you’re a kid again enjoying ice cream for the very first time.

Located at: 1210, 5666 Don Pedro, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila


6. Novotel Manila Araneta Center

Not a lot of people know about this, but Novotel Manila Araneta Center actually has a gelato store called ‘Ice N Cream’ near their buffet area. They handcraft their own gelato and create flavors that you wouldn’t expect. It’s labeled in really witty names like “Hokey Pokey” (Brazo de Mercedes), “Kirsh Me” (Black Forest), and many, many more. There are alcoholic flavors, too!

Located at: General Aguinaldo Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, 0810 Metro Manila

7. Gelatissimo

Among all the Gelato stores, one of those that don’t disappoint is Gelattisimo. At a fair price, you get a big serving of their gelato. Flavors such as pancakes, rum, cheesecakes, and etc. are known to be best-sellers there; but they also come up with new flavors every so often.

Located at: Greenbelt, Market Market
Pro-Tip: They have unbelievably fast wi-fi. You didn’t hear that from us!


8. Farmacy

In need of some cooling healing? Get your prescriptions at Farmacy! This diner-esque premium ice cream store offers your favorite variations like Sundaes, Banana Splits, Milkshakes, Floats, and many more. They also offer coffee and alcohol, which are, undoubtedly, great matches for ice cream.

Located at:


9. Manila Creamery

#LoveLocal is all that’s in nowadays– even in ice cream! Manila Creamery takes pride in their local flavors churned just the way Italians would make gelato. Their Salted Egg Caramel Gelato, Mangga and Suman, and Davao Chocolates are must-tries, but all flavors are surely delicious, as well. They make use of only the best ingredients in selected provinces, so you’ll be assured that they’re the best quality available.

Ice cream is always worth the calories. ❤️

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Looks good, doesn’t it? Which one was your favorite? Share this post and comment what you want to try!


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