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McDo – BUY 1 GET 1 Coke McFloat Ride-Thru Promo

Buy 1, Get 1 Coke McFloat! Ride-Thru to your nearest McDo today from 3 to 5PM only!

Zark’s Burgers – Monday Burger Bundle

Get the Zark's Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Burger + Large Fries and Drink for only P223!

Samgyupsalamat – 3+1 Birthday Promo

BIRTHDAY CELEBRANTS can eat for FREE at any Samgyupsalamat store nationwide!

J.CO Donuts – Prosperity Delights Promo

Enjoy this tasty Chinese New Year treat featuring J.CO pre-assorted selection of 3 donuts and 3 J.Club sandwiches for only Php 199!

Pizza Hut – 39th Birthday Promo

Happy Birthday Pizza Hut! Get 39% OFF on all REGULAR and LARGE Pan Pizzas every Monday - Friday of January

Pancake House – Buy 1 Take 1 Taco Tuesday Promo

Buy 1 Get 1 on any Pancake Tacos for only P99! Save P99!

Jollibee – 4-pc Chickenjoy Family Box Promo

Get the 4-pc Chickenjoy Family Box for only P249 until July 15!

Chowking – FREE Buchi New Year Treats

Tikman ang bagong Chowking Sarap this Chinese New Year with your favorite Chicken Lauriat and Dimsum Chao Fan combo, or 2 Chao Fan + Chicken combo na may kasama pang FREE Buchi!

J.CO Donuts – 9th Anniversary Promo

Get 2 dozen J.CO Donuts for only PHP 550 on March 15-17

Mang Inasal – P45 Extra Creamy Halo Halo

Grab the Mang Inasal Extra Creamy Halo Halo for only P45 to make our summer extra special!