5 things you can do in one automatic laundry cycle


5 things you can do in one automatic laundry cycle

For busy individuals, finding the time to do chores may seem hard. Don’t wait till the dirty clothes pile up! Make laundry time hassle-free and enjoyable with the right washing machine. Samsung Fully Automatic Topload offers a quick and easy solution to washing clothes — no need to manually add water and drain, just set, press, and go.

With the different features of Samsung Fully Automatic Topload, laundry becomes easier and less time consuming. Its various wash settings are displayed into simpler buttons so it’s easier to see and use. There’s no need to transfer clothes from traditional basin, as Active Dual Wash comes with a built-in rubbing board, water jet, and sink for pre-treatment. You can also save time from untangling your garments because the Wobble Technology prevents clothes from knots and twists. Finally, you can say goodbye to your lint roller because the Samsung washing machine has a Magic Filter which removes lint and fluff keeping both your drum and clothes free from annoying particles.

A laundry cycle can go in 15, 20, 30, 40 minutes up to an hour, depending on your needs. With this smart technology from Samsung, anyone can multitask and focus on the other items in their to-do-list in a duration of one laundry cycle. Here are some activities you can do while laundry is in the washing machine:

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Do a quick workout
10? 20? Even 30 minutes of an endorphin-releasing workout can be done at the same
time as your laundry!

Tidy up the digital space
Erase unnecessary emails, delete files, and rearrange drive folders to keep things in the
digital space organized.

Watch an episode with your family
We recommend catching an episode of the family’s favorite show, or an animated
episode for the kids.

Try creating those 30-minute dishes, or even do some baking!

Pay your bills and organize your budget
Use this time to pay bills online and to set weekly or monthly budgets.

Do more with your time and create more moments with the family. Samsung Fully Automatic Topload washing machines are up to 20% from May 1 – June 30. Visit the nearest authorized dealer, check Samsung PH, or visit samsung.com/ph/offer/toploadtopsale to know more.

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