WeChat: Shake, Discover, Connect!



WeChat: Shake, Discover, Connect!

Want to get some new friends on WeChat but don’t know where to start? Shake your phone and see who are also shaking too at the moment around the world. “Shake” is an interesting way to discover new users by just shaking your smartphone. Just be careful not to reveal any of your personal information.

Here’s a short story shared by Tristan, a WeChat user, on how he “shaked” his way to a new friendship/relationship.

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Tristan & Trisha

I would be graduating high school in a few months and I honestly didn’t know what to do next.  My friends were applying to different colleges but I wasn’t sure if that option was something I wanted for myself.  I had no goal or target afterwards and everywhere I Iooked, I only felt lost and confused.

I decided to go to Starbucks near my house. It was my favorite go-to place whenever I wanted to chill out with a hot cup of coffee to keep me company. I pushed the glass doors of the shop and went inside when I noticed her sitting alone on one of the tables. I’ve seen her a couple of times already and always thought she was pretty; she wore a red dress that complemented her fair complexion and it only made her more radiant. I head to the counter and ordered my usual drink, she was on my back so I sneaked a look pretending to scan the place for a spot to settle in.  She giggled and started tapping on her phone when I noticed her using Wechat.

I opened my Wechat app and selected the “Look Around” function; this enabled me to look for nearby users who were using Wechat as well, after a few seconds, her avatar popped up: Trisha Rivera was her name.

Maybe it was the rush from the 5 packets of sugar I put in my coffee and the fact that I had nothing to lose so I went towards her table and looked at her for a prolonged moment of seconds. Trisha looked at me weirdly.

“Trisha? Is that you?” I said trying to sound confident.  She looked puzzled that I knew her name but I continued with my act. I pretended that we were classmates from elementary but that I moved in high school.  It was a lame and very weak excuse but she nodded and told me that it had been a long time.  Call it dumb luck but after that awkward introduction, we started talking and before we knew it, we had spent the whole day exchanging stories and laughing with each other.

Trisha and I started dating soon after and I was really happy.  We shared our hobbies and dreams; I opened up about wanting to travel to Italy after graduation so I could study the art of drawing, turns out she had plans of studying architecture in France by the end of the year.  We made plans to meet up in Europe and realizing how supportive and encouraging she was to pursue what I wanted; I decided to tell her the truth about our fateful meeting that day in the coffee shop.

We were at the airport when I told her the truth.  She laughed and admitted that she already knew my reason was completely made up because she studied elementary in another country.  She confessed that she had also seen me in the coffee shop as well and actually used Wechat hoping to find my name.  We ended up bonding over our common coincidence and felt thankful meeting each other.  I promised her that we would see each other next year, no matter what happens, it was a “target” that we would “look around” for and fulfill.

How to use Shake in WeChat
1. Select Discover then tap on Shake.
2. Shake your phone.
WeChat will look for people shaking their phones at the same time and will display a list of people found. You may send them a greeting to start making your new connection!

WeChat People Found

WeChat Send Greeting

With WeChat Shake, you can meet new friends from different parts of the world even if you are far away from them. You too can shake, discover and make new connections. Try it Now! For more details and WeChat application download, please visit www.wechat.com.

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