McDonald’s – Quarter Pounder Ride-Thru Promo


4-wheeled ba ride mo? Lucky ka on May 22! Ride-Thru na with your McDonald’s App from 10:30am onwards and enjoy 40% off on your Quarter Pounder with cheese!

McDonald’s – Quarter Pounder Ride-Thru Promo

May 22, 2021 @ 10AM Onwards
McDonald’s Branches

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Promo mechanics:
1. Available via Drive-Thru only. This is not available via Front Counter/Dine-In, Take-Out Counter, Park Order and Pay, McDelivery and 3POs.
2. Valid for the following types of rides on the following days:
– May 15: Bicycle, Motorcycle, Tricycle, etc. (2 and 3 wheeled vehicles)
– May 22: Cars, Jeep, Skateboard, etc. (4-wheeled vehicles)
– May 29: all type of vehicles (i.e. Bicycle, Motorcycle, Car, Skateboard, Kalesa, etc.)
3. Customer must present the Lucky Ride coupon from the McDonald’s App to avail of the promo
– Only one coupon can be redeemed per account per day. If there are 2 or more people in the same ride that wishes to redeem the Lucky Ride deal, they may do so as long as they have their own McDonald’s App account. 1 McDonald’s App account = 1 coupon to be redeemed
– Offer must be redeemed within 10 minutes from the time clicking the “REDEEM” button
4. Promo is available during Regular hours only from 10:30 am until 11:59pm.

Read Full mechanics here:

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