Ramen Shokudo Php50 Ramen December 2018


Ramen Shokudo Php50 Ramen December 2018

Ramen Shokudo Banawe
All Mondays of December 2018

Let’s end the year with a bang! Dream about Mondays and look forward to the first day of the week with Ramen Shokudo’s newest offering! Starting December 3, enjoy their Php 50 RAMEN 😋

Promo Mechanics:

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1. Choose 2 flavors from ANY of our available Ramens.
2. Pay for the regular price of the one higher in value.
3. Pay ONLY Php 50.00 for the second bowl.
4. This promo is available on Mondays ONLY.

*This promo cannot be combined with other ongoing promos, Senior Citizens Discounts, and any other discounts.

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