13th Month: Where to Spend It?


Hello December, Hello 13th Month Pay!

Who here is guilty of heading straight to the nearest mall to shop ‘til every bit of their 13th month pay goes to the cashier? Yikes! While it’s nice to buy presents for ourselves and our loved ones, we must learn to set aside a portion of our 13th month pay to things that matter more than the latest smartphone or white sneakers.

We’ve created a short list where you can use your 13th month:

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It’s time to pay back your beshie that 2000 bucks you borrowed when you had a minor emergency. How about your credit card bill that’s never zeroed out because of the interest that’s getting bigger month after month? Paying your debts has to be your top priority the moment you receive your 13th month pay!

Emergency and Retirement Funds

Let us break the cycle of depending on our children to provide for us when we grow old. Save while we are young so when we’re retiring, we have enough resources to provide for ourselves. Read our article regarding emergency and retirement funds here: https://www.manilaonsale.com/2017/09/7-money-saving-tips/


In this modern time, there are a lot of channels where you can invest a portion of your 13th month with just a few taps from your smartphone. Stocks, mutual funds, even the very aggressive bitcoin, can be initiated online. You have extra money, you have your smartphone, what’s your excuse not to start today?

Fund a Passion Project

Do you have a business idea that’s never started simply because you don’t have a capital? Ever wanted to start a small online bakeshop, t-shirt printing business, food delivery, upgrading your gear for your vlogging career, etc… Now’s the time to get the ball rolling! Who knows, you may be able to quit your day job to be a full time entrepreneur!

Give Back

Let us not forget the people in our community in this season of giving. We are not only talking about the sick in the hospitals, the orphans in NGOs, but also our Kuya Guards, Ate Janitress, Ate Receptionist, Ate Elevator who serve us day in day out with smiles on their faces. A grocery gift basket or a Christmas ham goes a long way to them and their families.

Spend on Yourself

Fine, fine. Go ahead, have yourself a merry little Christmas gift! :p Go buy that book series you’ve been eyeing for since God knows when. Go book plane tickets to your dream destination. Or go for that hair makeover you have wanted for so long. Whatever it is, push mo yan! You deserve hat treat after working hard. =)


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