Food Places that Give FREE Meal/Dessert for Birthday Celebrants

Birthdays are meant to be memorable. It’s the mark of another year that you’ve managed to go through 12 months of blessings, heartache, challenges, and so much more; and for that, even just on your special day, it’s okay to be a bit spoiled because you deserve it!

Friends and family aren’t the only ones who can spoil you with gifts and greetings. There are several restaurants out there who make it a point to see to it that their customers feel all the love through good food and a little something to make the moment more unforgettable.

With that, we curated a list of restaurants that you can score a free meal/dessert when you order. Check them out:

PS: Always bring a valid ID with you as proof that it’s really your birthday!

1. Outback Steakhouse
What You’ll Get: Cake
Outback is one of the front-liners when it comes to good steak. They serve big portions of juicy, tender meat that will make you shout, “well done!”. Since it’s your birthday, it’s only right to cap off such a savory meal with a free cake!

2. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings
What You’ll Get: Brownies
It’s been 5 years since this once-a-small-restaurant-in-Pasig boomed into the wings place everybody loves. With over 13 flavors, you have plenty of choices to choose from, but their Classic and Salted Egg are the best-sellers. You get a hella big brownies afterwards as a treat to your special day!

3. Italianni’s
What You’ll Get: birthday treat depending on branch
Italianni’s isn’t a place for those on a budget. This Italian restaurant is best for families or friends sharing a group meal. They have delicious pastas and pizza that is definitely worth your money. If you haven’t tried eating here, it’s a great place to celebrate in—plus you get a free treat (depending on the branch)!

4. Gerry’s Grill
What You’ll Get: Beer and Dessert
It’s not just the foreigners who love it here, Gerry’s Grill is also a classic among the Filipinos. Sisig, Sinigang, Bulalo—you name it. These food are something that we can proudly call ours. A beer and dessert match these (sinful) meals well, and lucky for you because they’re giving you both as a birthday gift!
5. Mamou
What You’ll Get: Cupcake
Mamou serves really nice comfort food. Branded as a “Home Kitchen”, their meals will remind you of all the good things that happened in your life through their hearty cuisines. You get a free cupcake, which is also a nice comfort food as dessert!

6. Siglo Modern Filipino Tagaytay
What You’ll Get: dessert like ice cream, banana split, or cake
Located in Tagaytay, this Filipino food will warm your body and fill your tummy to complement the cool climate of the area. You will enjoy great local food in a very homey interior. What’s nice about Siglo Modern Filipino Tagaytay is that you can get an ice cream, banana split, or a slice of cake for your dessert on the house since it’s your day!
7. Marcia Adams
What You’ll Get: Small Cake
If you don’t know where to celebrate your birthday, Marcia Adams should be in one of your choices. The interior is very beautiful—like a romantic, garden picnic. The view is also undeniable awesome. But you won’t just go here for the place, their food is also to die for. They serve mouth-watering steaks and pastas that you and your guest/s will enjoy. They’ll give you a small cake that’s very photogenic—don’t worry, this is on them!
8. Torch
What You’ll Get: Cake with sparkling candle and Birthday Balloon
Torch will not fail to make you feel special. With a free cake with sparkling candle and a balloon to match with, you can expect to be greeted extravagantly by the servers and, of course, the people you’re with. Torch is a restaurant with different cuisines; that will give you and your guests a variety of options to choose from.
9. Racks
What You’ll Get: Cheesecake
Racks should be your go-to place if you like BBQ Ribs. This restaurant makes a messy and fun choice to celebrate your birthday in because that’s how ribs are eaten best. And guess what? You also get to have a cheesecake! One of the worth-it birthday promos, in my opinion!
10. Sibyullee
What You’ll Get: Coffee Jelly
Personally, Sibyullee has become my favorite Korean restaurant ever since I ate there. Korean BBQs are usually greasy, but, in this restaurant, you wouldn’t feel that one bit; their food are of quality and are generous with the cheese (yum)! For your birthday, you get a free Coffee Jelly to fix your dessert cravings. Their beautiful interior is also nice for Instagram pictures—be sure to take a group shot here!

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11. Starbucks
What You’ll Get: Cake of Choice
This promo is only available if you have a Starbucks Card. And that’s not bad because you get a free cake on your birthday, and have a reward system that scores you a free drink every 12 orders. Think of the birthday cake promo as an additional to this loyalty card.

Additional: Some restaurants, like most buffets, have birthday promos that give you a free meal for every three (3) paying company.

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12. Ippudo
What You’ll Get: Shiromaru, Akamaru, or Karakamen
To avail Ippudo’s promo, you just need to bring 3 friends who will order three Ramen or rice toppings and the fourth bowl will be on the house. Their ramen is top class and if you’re planning to treat your friends some Japanese food, this can be a good choice because you’ll get the fourth bowl for free!
13. Yabu
What You’ll Get: Hire, Rosu, Chicken, Menchi, and Cream Dory Katsu Set
Similar to Ippudo, you just need to bring 3 friends to avail one more katsu set. And who doesn’t love Yabu? Their unlimited cabbage, rice, and soup is hands-down delicious that you would want to savour the katsu as long as you can. Many people celebrated their birthday here and it’s probably because of this 3+1 promo!

So if it’s your birthday and you’re eating at one of these restaurants, don’t be shy to tell them you’re celebrating it! You deserve to be treated, after all!

Know other restaurants that give free birthday treats? Share it with us!

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