Ukay Places for First Timers


“Look at her dress!”
“Look at his jacket!”
“It must’ve costed them a lot of money”

Nowadays, aesthetic clothes can easily be mistaken for something expensive, but you don’t always hve to spend a lot for stylish clothing. As you may have seen/heard, Ukay-Ukay is becoming a fad again and it is helping a lot of people save money and still look good at the same time.

Aside from the very cheap prices (some even only cost PHP 5.00!), there are a lot of reasons why you should buy from or support Ukay-Ukays. One, the clothes that you will find there are one-of-a-kind; meaning you won’t see anyone wearing the same shirt as you—a true fashion statement! Two, you get to recycle clothes by not buying from stores. Have you ever wondered what happens to shirts when you throw them away? Sometimes, it just becomes a trash that pollutes nature. So by buying from Ukay places, you get to help the environment in little ways by not encouraging mass producers to create more clothings. Lastly, it’s always a fun adventure because, like treasure hunting, you don’t know what gem you’ll find.

Although those perks sound great, some people just still don’t want to try thrift shopping. I couldn’t blame them—the connation of thrift shops is usually negative. Example, it’s dirty, it’s crampy, it’s hot, and some even believe that it might have spirits from its previous owner. That being said, we want to tell you that not all thrift shops are like that.

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To prove that, we made a listicle about Ukay-Ukay places specifically for first-timers with qualifications including: accessibility, cleanliness, and convenience. If you think that thrift shops are always unappealing, these stores may change your mind. Check it out:


Makati Cinema Square

Makati Cinema Square (MCS) used to be the ‘it’ mall back in the days. Now, it’s a worn-down building with a vintage bowling alley/billiard place, few food chains, tiangge, and Ukay-Ukays. Located at the ground floor, you will see a selection of clothings, bags, and even shoes!

What’s nice about MCS is that many artsy people or bloggers buy here, as well. It has nice varieties and it’s air-conditioned—what’s not to love? Perfect for your first time thrifting! MCS is also just across Little Tokyo, so you might want a Japanese food trip after your shopping haul (since you saved your wallet a bunch of cash thanks to cheap ukay finds!)

Price Range: PHP 100.00 – PHP 450.00
Address: Makati Square, Chino Roces Ave, Legazpi Village, Makati



Anonas Mall

This is considered to be the best Ukay place for thrift shop experts. The Anonas Mall is 4-storeys high and you could just imagine what you can find in all those floors! Most bloggers choose this place as their favorite and it might be yours, too!

It’s really convenient to go here: you just ride the LRT 2 to Anonas Station and then go the exit and it will lead you to the mall. Happy shopping!

Price Rage: PHP 50.00 – PHP 300.00
Address: Anonas, Quezon City



Carriedo St. Quiapo

Going here may not be as convenient as you hoped it to be, but the price here is really cheap. In fact, this may be the only Ukay place you’ll find selling 5 pesos worth of clothes! In this thrift shop, it will be very strenuous because it’s like going through a mountain of clothes in one area. It will be worth it, though, because you can score a really good one if you’re patient enough to dig through all of them!

I suggest you go there when it’s not hot, so your Ukay experience would be better. Also, dress down! Don’t wear anything fancy and flash expensive objects (watch, necklace, phones)– better be safe than sorry!

Price Range: PHP 5.00 – PHP 100.00

Ukay-Ukay, Tagaytay

While enjoying the nice breeze in Tagaytay, you might want to drop by a famous Ukay place there so you can have a souvenir!

Remember this?

This Ukay hub went viral just recently for all the right reasons. The place is surprisingly big and offers a lot of items—clothes, belts, bags, shoes, and even toys for kids! It isn’t that cheap like in Carriedo, but the diversity and the open space is worth going to.

PS: The bags there are actually good. If it weren’t for the color, I would’ve bought a nice laptop bag.

Price Range: PHP 100.00 – PHP 400.00
Address: Awagi Building, Emilo Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite

When u are in Baguio, the Philippines, this spot is a must-go. #baguio #manila #southeastasia #philippines

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Baguio Night Market

Personally, this is my favorite. Every time I go to Baguio, I make sure I drop by the Night Market to make a haul. For, at most PHP 20.00, you can get fur coats and other fancy jackets that will cost a lot in stores!

Aside from clothes, the Night Market offers many things: food, wallet, gadgets, accessories, bags, caps, socks, pajamas—you name it. You can find many trinkets to your liking as long as you’re willing to explore the whole market that stretches up to a kilometer!

This is only open from 9PM to 1AM, so ready yourself and try to have fun in this unique Baguio experience!

Price Range: PHP 20.00 – PHP 500.00
Address: Bayanihan Center, Otek Street, near Burnham Park

What are you waiting for? Invite your barkada and get ready to procure the best fashion statement for less! There’s always a first time for everything, so might as well go to these newbie-friendly Ukay places.

Know any other thrift shops? Share it with us!

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