National Book Store Midyear Sale: Up to 50% Off!!!


National Book Store Midyear Sale
August 1-31, 2017
National Book Store Branches Nationwide

Do some early Christmas shopping and stock up on great gift items with National Book Store’s Midyear Sale! Get freebies or enjoy up to 50% off on selected Christmas items, books, gifts, as well as school and office supplies tagged with a sticker.

Look for the identifying sticker on these participating brands:
Comix, Pyramid, Deli, Faber-Castell, Dong-A, Best Buy, Sakura, Disney Art Attack, Craft Easy, Hallmark, Max, Color & Co, Maries Willow, Canson, Orange, In The Office, Inoxcrom, Steadler, Seagull, Soho, Canon, Sonoma, Stradmore, Star Notes, Seven Notes, Liquid Paper, Starpoint, Elmer’s, GBC, Valiant, Canon, Veco, Prince, and Tokio.

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Promo runs from August 1 to 31, 2017 in NBS branches nationwide!


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